Our Mission

Abivax is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing therapeutics that harness the body’s natural regulatory mechanisms to stabilize the immune response in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases.

We believe that harnessing the body’s natural regulatory mechanisms through enhanced expression of microRNA-124 can transform the way inflammatory diseases are treated.

Clinical remission / response rates
>1,000 subjects treated
Once-daily oral administration
Enhancer of miR-124 and novel MoA
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Abivax SA has been listed on Euronext Paris since 26 June 2015 and on the Nasdaq Global Market since October 20, 2023.

Why Abivax?

Abivax is exploring the ability to treat chronic inflammatory diseases like ulcerative colitis in a new way. Obefazimod, Abivax’s lead drug candidate, is the first and only molecule that enhances the expression of microRNA-124 (miR-124), a natural regulator of the inflammatory response. Preclinical studies showed that under dysregulated inflammatory conditions, enhanced expression of miR-124 resulted in stabilized levels of multiple cytokines and chemokines, bringing them back to homeostatic levels.

We believe that simultaneously restoring multiple pathways to homeostatic levels may lower the potential for compensatory immune escape mechanisms, which may result in more durable, long-term efficacy.

We believe this approach has the potential to transform treatment for patients with chronic inflammatory diseases and possibly other related diseases in the future.